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Olmo Da Silva doing Anal Sex And Rought Sex Stupendous 1

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Olmo Da Silva doing Anal Sex And Rought Sex Stupendous

He wore tiny bikini under shorts, and the thin cotton barely contained the arching banana that was fighting to release itself from its prison! Taking both hands, she pulled the elastic towards her and then down, resulting in an unbelievably large tube of cock flesh popping out in front of her face while letting out a low moan and involuntarily opening her mouth and allowing the huge head to slip between her soft wet lips! Now it was Clay's turn to moan, as he soon discovered that this middle aged white woman was a consummate cock sucker! “Sweet jesus,” he groaned, “you suck like a black whore, bitch!!!” Hearing this from the young black stud, Donna's cunt churned hard towards a massive orgasm!

Donna was always extremely orgasmic, but never in her life had she climaxed without touching her pussy, but as she felt the huge boner in her mouth ready itself for its eruption, she felt her pussy begin the tell tale contractions that signaled her own orgasm was imminent! Just as Clay's big dick lurched in her mouth, filling it with life giving sperm, Donna's pussy twisted hard and released a torrent of juice in her already sopping wet snatch! For the next several seconds, two very disparate individuals satisfied the sexual cravings of the other, a middle aged white widow, and a whip smart young black with a huge cock between his thin thighs! After it was over, Donna savored the taste of fresh cum, a sensation she had missed so very much over the past month, while Clay, his legs a little shaky, leaned against the cubicle wall to keep from falling over! Clay looked down at the white woman and replied, “Bitch, you s?uck a mean fuckin' cock, let me tell ya, you're a real fuckin' cocksucker!!!” If you could have seen her face, you would have seen it redden again, but this time from pride!

Now it was Donna's turn to give the orders, and she said quickly, “You sit!” After exchanging places, Donna reached up under her dress, pulled of her panties, and them hiked her dress up around her waist, exposing her pussy and ass to the young black stud, “Okay stud,” she ordered, “stick it in me, now!!!” Rubbing his head the length of her slit, Clay centered his pecker over her hole and gently lifted his butt, forcing his head into the dripping cunt above him https://xnxx3.info/2021/taboo-diaries-wc-pretty-pi….

Olmo Da Silva doing Anal Sex And Rought Sex Stupendous 2

Olmo Da Silva doing Anal Sex And Rought Sex Stupendous

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Date: October 20, 2021