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"now I told you that you would regret not signing that form" he said as another man hands him a large hunters knife placing the point inside Jessica's pussy "now how about we start by cutting off that pretty little clit of yours" he said digging the point of the knife painfully into Jessica exposed clit "still not signing?" he said digging the knife a little harder but not yet cutting her "GO TO HELL" she shouts and then spits in the mans face, wiping his face of he digs the knife in deep with the point cutting into her clit but not yet deep enough to cut it off

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. With her eyes closed and now crying "Ok, Ok ill sign just don’t hurt me anymore" she said through crying sobs as the men release her and a hand appears in front of her face holding a pen, placing it to the form she signs her name. "Get up here and pick up this chair!" he yelled again as Jessica slowly stood up and walked over to the stage, up the 3 steps dragging the chains attached to her collar she then picks up the chair that was just a few feet away from the main at the microphone, she quickly grabs the chair and swings it in his direction trying to hit him with it "BANG" the chair hits the man over the head hard, Jessica turns and begins to run as the man grabs her chains and drags her back to him Find out more. . Take a seat, Ms Dyers said, pointing at the couch

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Bobbi Jene Smith Nude - Bobbi Jene (2017)

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Bobbi Jene Smith Nude - Bobbi Jene (2017)

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